I offer supervision to qualified counsellors and groups.

Supervision has always been such a rich, precious and valuable safe space for me personally over the years and I aim to provide such a service to others. I think of it like a welcome pause button that forces us to sit and reflect in amongst our busy lives. It can help on professional and personal levels.

I love the ‘aha’ moments and the shared work. It’s sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle where we search for the edges together and then the filling in bits, and other times like throwing it all up in the air and see what we catch. There is real closeness and appreciation in knowing that you are ‘seen, recognised and valued’ in your position of counsellor.

My favourite description of Supervision is by Hawkins & Shohet (1989) . They have applied the Winnicottian notions of ‘good enough’ and ‘play’ to explain how supervisors and supervisees can be co creators of a learning atmosphere which emphasises new ways of thinking and learning. I love this !

The following illustration is an example of the 7 eyed model that I like to base my work on. It has many facets to it so it allows us to appreciate our work from different aspects and also the ‘unknown/non specific’.

Here’s a description of the different aspects.

  • Mode 1 – Focus on the client and what and how they present.
  • Mode 2 – Exploration of the strategies and interventions used by the supervisee.
  • Mode 3 – Focusing on the relationship between the client and the supervisee.
  • Mode 4 – Focusing on the supervisee.
  • Mode 5 – Focusing on the supervisory relationship.
  • Mode 6 – The supervisor focusing on their own process.
  • Mode 7 – Focusing on the wider contexts in which the work happens.

If this way of working appeals to you then please get in contact for a chat to see if I can help you.