If you are the parent or carer of a young person or adult child who suffers from serious mental health problems or challenging behaviours then you are in the right place. Trust me I know how overwhelming, difficult and utterly exhausting this can be. That’s not even including the guilt right? Where to start?

So let’s begin by finding some space for you. I can offer you a safe space to offload and manage your upsetting and powerful emotions. It can feel like the loneliest place in the world when you are at home with someone who is pushing all of your buttons. Here’s the thing, we understand our loved one but it doesn’t mean we are not suffering alongside them. It is not the life we would have wished for our children and so we have to accept that part of our own process is around grieving for that lost life. The frustration is real, as are dealing and managing our own anxieties, tiredness, loss of our own dreams, fear and sadness. Let’s talk about anger ! Yep that too !

We need to learn to be kind to ourselves and I advocate supreme self care. It is not selfish-it is essential !

We really need to put on our own proverbial oxygen mask first. We cannot pour from an empty vessel (substitute wine/gin glass)

Here are some ideas for self care:

  • Seek help from another parent/carer or any support groups
  • Seek out an understanding therapist
  • Set boundaries and ‘me time’
  • Get outside for walks or even just sitting in nature
  • Move your body
  • Learn something new that amuses you
  • Feed yourself with nourishing life affirming foods
  • Practise a spiritual or religious faith
  • Treat yourself to a candlelit bath
  • Book in a massage or body treatment
  • Ensure you book respite breaks
  • Keep in contact with friends
  • Watch some favourite comedy programmes
  • Learn a craft

Please get in contact if you feel that I can help you.

I have a Facebook page for Carers Counselling and I run a free monthly support group.