Are you feeling stuck or heavy?

Is life is passing you by and you want to jump back in it?

Is your anxiety stopping you from living your best life?

Have you been trying to make a decision but need some help?

Are your relationships suffering?

Has Covid anxiety bought you to a standstill and it’s hard to muster hope?

Have you been bereaved or experienced loss and pain and are struggling to cope?

Are you trying to find your way in the world after abuse or trauma?

Are you a parent of a child (or adult child) who has mental health or challenging behaviour?

This website will give you some information about me and the work that I do. If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you and I will do my best to answer them.

You can message me at hello@karenblackcounselling.co.uk or call me on 07967327917. I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. My working days are Tuesday to Friday.

I was drawn to this work many years ago and am a passionate advocate of therapy. I am deeply committed to the process of change and the therapeutic process. Therapy takes many forms and each person is different in what they need from a relationship. In order to do this I am a great fan of Richard Erskines 8 relational needs, and 5 Love languages to inform our early work of what is important to you. 

I work with individuals and groups. I also run a mutual support group for Parents and Carers who look after people with mental health problems or challenging behaviours.

You can find this and join on FACEBOOK.


Transparency and authenticity – In counselling terms this might look like ‘immediacy’. This means that I may share with you what I am feeling at that moment in the room as I listen deeply to what you are telling me. I sometimes experience images and I may get an image in my head of an object, an animal, a scenario, and share it with you (with your permission). I have seen this take on a whole life when we examine any personal meaning for you. It might have no relevance at all but then again it might be an ‘aha’ moment ! Believe me I have seen this a lot ! As an aside ,this sort of revelation frequently creates laughter, I am a firm believer of the use of humour in therapy.

Therapy does not have to be miserable. Check out my views about this on this video.

Trust and safety – This forms the foundations to our work. I strongly believe that it is essential to have a firm sense of this when we meet together for our sessions. No sense of trust or safety means that you’re probably not going to share so deeply or openly with me, it may mean that you are afraid of judgement or criticism or you may not express to me the very things that you came to therapy to work on. These things usually stem from our past and we can have a look at what your early experiences have been to leave you with a lack of trust or safety.

One of the ways we do this is to set out a working ‘contract’ and the limits of confidentiality at the outset. These documents set out the business side of our work and offer a standard level of terms of confidentiality. You can access my contract and confidentiality documents here.

A significant part of my work is with abuse. Over the years I have found that when people disclose to me concerns around children’s health and wellbeing that this is not accidental and there is a conversation to be had. If you tell me that you are worried that a child is at danger from ‘Significant Harm’ (click here for definition) then I will not ignore it. It will be a conversation between us to decide the next course of action to take if any is thought to be required.

Counselling sessions

What to expect first session– Our first session will be up to one hour and will be a combination of time to get a sense of each other, agreeing the working contract and making sure you are clear around confidentiality. There will be some questions from me about a variety of aspects of your life. This provides you with an opportunity to tell me what is important for me to know about you.  It can feel quite directive unlike future sessions . Payable in advance on booking.

What to expect ongoing sessions – Ongoing sessions will be held weekly or every other week. The content and pace is yours, and if you have opted for some tasks to practise outside sessions I may enquire as to how they went. Carl Rogers (famous Person Centred therapist) quoted that “It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried”